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martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

The cataclysm of Damocles, by Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez delivered the following speech on August 6, 1986, on the anniversary 41 Iroshima pump. (Conference of Ixtapa. Mexico, 1986)

One minute after the last explosion, more than half of human beings have died, dust and smoke from burning continents defeat to sunlight, and absolute darkness will return to rule the world. A winter rains and frozen orange hurricane invest time and oceans will turn the course of rivers, whose fish have died of thirst in the hot water, and whose birds do not find the sky. The permanent snow cover the Sahara Desert, the Amazon vast disappear from the face of the planet destroyed by hail, and the rock era and transplanted hearts will be back to its glacial childhood. The few humans who survive the first fear, and those who have had the privilege of a safe haven at three in the afternoon of the fateful disaster magna Monday, only have saved his life and then die by the horror of his memories. The Creation is completed. In the final moisture chaos and eternal night, the only vestige of its former life be cockroaches.

Lords presidents, prime ministers gentlemen, friends, friends

This is not a bad plagiarism Rave John of Patmos in exile, but the preview of a cosmic disaster that can happen at this moment: the explosion accidentally -directed or only a fraction of the nuclear arsenal sleeping with candle with one eye and the other in the magazines of the great powers.

That's right: today, August 6, 1986, in the world more than 50,000 nuclear warheads emplaced. At home speaking, this means that every human being, without excluding children, sitting on a barrel with four tons of dynamite, whose total explosion can eliminate 12 times all life on Earth. The power to annihilate this colossal threat hanging over our heads like a cataclysm of Damocles, raises the theoretical possibility that the four most disabling that planets revolve around the sun, and to influence the balance of the Solar System.

No science, no art, no industry has doubled itself as many times as the nuclear industry since its inception 41 years ago, nor any other creation of the human mind has never been so powerful in determining the fate of the world.

The only consolation for these simplifications if something terrifying sirven- us, is to check that the preservation of human life on Earth is still cheaper than nuclear plague. For the mere fact of existence, the tremendous captive Apocalypse in silos death of the richest countries is squandering the chance of a better life for all.

In child care, for example, this is a really elementary arithmetic. UNICEF estimated in 1981 a program to solve the essential problems of the 500 million of the world's poorest children, including their mothers. Understood the basic health care, basic education, improved sanitation, water supply and power. All this seemed an impossible dream than 100,000 million. However, that is just the cost of 100 B-1B strategic bombers, and less than 7,000 cruise missiles, whose production is to reverse the government of the United States 21.200 million.

In health, for example, the cost of 10 nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz, of the 15 who will make the United States before 2000, a preventive program to protect in those same 14 years to more than 1,000 million people could be performed malaria, and in Africa-just avoid the over 14 million children death.

In food, for example, last year there were in the world, according to FAO estimates, about 565 million people hungry. Your essential caloric average would have cost less than 149 MX missiles, 223 of which will be deployed in Western Europe. With 27 of them could buy agricultural equipment needed for poor countries to acquire the food sufficiency in the next four years. That program also did not reach cost and ninth of the Soviet military budget for 1982.

In education, for example, with only two Trident nuclear submarines, of the 25 that plans to make the current government of the United States, or a similar amount of the Typhoon submarines being built by Soviet Union might try finally fantasy global literacy. Moreover, the construction of schools and qualified teachers will be needed in the Third World to meet the additional demands of education in the 10 years to come, could be paid to the cost of 245 Trident II missiles, and would still be superfluous 419 rockets for the same increase of education in the next 15 years.

It can be said, finally, that the cancellation of external debt in the Third World, and economic recovery for 10 years, would cost little more than a sixth of the world military expenditure in the same time. However, against this huge economic waste, is even more disturbing and painful human waste: the war industry remains captive to the largest contingent of scholars ever assembled for any enterprise in the history of mankind. Our people, whose natural place is not there but here at this table, and whose release is essential to help us to create in the field of education and justice, the only thing that can save us from barbarism: a culture of peace.

Despite these dramatic certainties, the profession of arms not a moment of respite is granted. Now, over lunch, a new nuclear warhead was built. Tomorrow, when we wake up, there will be nine more in the tack rooms hemisphere death of the rich. With what it will cost if only one would reach out for a Sunday in autumn-to perfume sandalwood Niagara Falls.

A great novelist of our time ever wondered if the Earth is not hell from other planets. Maybe it's much less: a village without memory, forsaken by their gods in the last suburb of the universal country. But the growing suspicion that it is the only place in the solar system where there has been prodigious adventure of life, we mercilessly drags a disheartening conclusion: the arms race runs counter intelligence.
And not only of human intelligence, but from the intelligence of nature, whose purpose escapes including clairvoyance of poetry. Since the appearance of visible life on Earth must have passed 380 million years for a butterfly learn to fly, 180 million years to make a rose with no other commitment than being beautiful, and four geological eras for beings unlike human Pithecanthropus grandfather, they were able to sing better than dying birds and love.

There is nothing honorable for human talent, in the golden age of science, have devised a way to make an ancient process as wasteful and colossal, can return to the nothingness from which came by the simple art of pushing a button. To try to prevent that happening are here, adding our voices to the many who call for a world without weapons and peace with justice. But even if it happens-and still more if ocurre- will not be useless to be here. Within trillion millennia after the explosion, a triumphant salamander that have returned to explore the full range of species, may be crowned the most beautiful woman in the new creation. It depends on us, men and women of science, men and women of the arts and letters, men and women of intelligence and peace of us all to make the guests at the coronation chimeric not go to your party with our own terrors today.

In all modesty, but also with all the determination of the spirit, I propose we do now and here's commitment to design and manufacture an ark of memory, able to survive the atomic deluge. A bottle of sidereal castaways thrown into the oceans of time, so that the new humanity then know what you have for us not to tell cockroaches: there's life here, that she prevailed prevailed suffering and injustice, but we also met love and were able to imagine happiness. And you know and make known to all time who were to blame for our mess, and how were deaf to our cries for peace that this was the best of all possible lives, and how inventions as barbaric and what interests as petty erased from the universe.


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